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"Street Scene Daydream" Exhibition, January 2016

The uptown slums are being demolished, but the rectangular tenements that replace them have not a trace of invention.  Their bleakness is absolute.  No man has ever dreamed of a city of such monotonous severity, and there must be some bond betweenour houses and our dreams”

- John Cheever, Juggernaut

Wanderlust has led me here. When I was a kid, my parents gathered me and my brothers into our big red station wagon and drove. I looked out the car window, entertained by the world passing by.

Roadside attractions made the world seem a playland. Along Highway 99 I saw an orange juice stand in the shape of a giant orange, a larger than life cowboy waved to me in Las Vegas, and, at a very young age, a woman with flashing nipples clued me into the notion that San Francisco is a city of many pleasures.

Each city looked different than the next, and the scenery was narrated by elegant, curiously scripted typography. Now, my car window provides a changed view. The worn typeface of an old motel sign appears out of place in a landscape of architectural redundancy. Past meets present everyday, and my camera allows me to better understand their interaction.

Many of my photographs are related to the road and travel, and a sense of impermanence. I feel compelled to photograph the American roadside and its worn, far off, and forgotten corners, and then work with color as a means of giving these places a happier, healthier life. For people who ordinarily find it difficult to see beauty in faded places, I hope this color-play can lend objects and buildings a new appeal.

Street Scene Daydream is a collection of light and dark, of dreams fulfilled and in various stages of deterioration.  Every home, every building, stands as a realized vision touched by the marks of humanity and age. I am fascinated at the notion of an architect’s dream inspiring and housing countless dreams of onlookers and it’s inhabitants; the notion of a building born of a dream of one, serving as a vessel for the dreams of many.   

Time presents itself in unpredictable ways as evidenced by the condition of present day Detroit, but it’s always clear that where there is dark, there is also light.  

There is a sense of economy and sly wit in her compositions, graced with subtle twists and angles...”
— Josef Woodard, Scene Santa Barbara


Excerpt from "Street Scene Daydream" exhibition review, Scene, Santa Barbara.



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